Large-Scale Video Classification Challenge

23 Oct. 2017, ACM Multimedia, Mountain View, CA, USA

Welcome to the website of the Large-Scale Video Classification Challenge workshop. Recognizing visual contents in unconstrained videos has become a very important problem for many applications, such as Web video search and recommendation, smart advertising, robotics, etc. This workshop aims at exploring new challenges and approaches for large-scale video classification with large number of classes from open source videos in a realistic setting, based upon an extension of Fudan-Columbia Video Dataset (FCVID).

Important dates

23 July Development kit, training and validation subsets, Testing data without ground-truth annotations will be available.
17 August Evaluation server will be available.
18 September Submission Deadline
20 September Winners Announcement
23 October Workshop Presentation


Zuxuan Wu University of Maryland
Yu-Gang Jiang Fudan University
Shih-Fu Chang Columbia University
Larry Davis University of Maryland, College Park