Yu-Gang Jiang

School of Computer Science
Fudan University

ygj AT fudan.edu.cn

administrative assistant

Xiran Li (lixiran AT fudan.edu.cn)

graduate students

Qi Dai (PhD 2011-)
Rui-Wei Zhao (PhD 2014-)
Zhenfeng Sun (D.Eng. 2014-)
Zhiqiang Shen (PhD 2013-, co-advised)
Zheng Wang (PhD 2017-)
Xi Wang (MS 2014-)
Baohan Xu (MS 2014-)
Chen Chen (MS 2014-)
Jiawei Gu (MS 2015-)
Shi Li (M.Eng. 2015-)
Changmao Cheng (MS 2016-)
Nanyang Wang (M.Eng. 2016-)
Shaoxiang Chen (MS 2017-)
Minjun Li (MS 2017-)
Le Yu (MS 2017-)

undergraduate students

Jiarui Gao
Chuanzi He

alumni (and their first job)

Yingbin Zheng (PhD 2013, co-advised), Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS
Jian Pu (PhD 2014, co-advised), Associate Professor, East China Normal University
Hao Ye (PhD 2015, co-advised), Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS
Yudong Jiang (MS 2014), Alibaba
Yanran Wang (MS 2014), PhD student at Northwestern University, USA
Jiajun Wang (MS 2016), Didi Chuxing
Jian Tu (MS 2016), Didi Chuxing
Zuxuan Wu (MS 2016), PhD student at The University of Maryland, USA
Qiang Wang (M.Eng. 2017), Huawei Technologies

Tongtao Zhang (Visiting Student 2013), PhD student at RPI, USA
Lixuan Zhu (BSc 2013), Master Student at NYU
Ziqiang Shi (BSc 2013), Master Student at UCLA
Dequan Wang (BSc 2016), PhD student at UC Berkeley


As Principal Investigator, our research sponsors include:
- National Natural Science Foundation of China
- 863 Program, Ministry of Science and Technology, China
- Ministry of Education, China
- Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (STCSM)
- Microsoft Research
- IBM Research
- Alibaba Group
- Huawei Technologies
- ZTE Corporation
- etc.

where are we

Room 314, Computer Science Building, 825 Zhangheng road, Pudong, Shanghai.

Driving from Pudong airport or from Hongqiao airport. Subway and taxi services are available at both airports. For subway, we are located near Jinke road station of line 2, a cross-city route serving both airports. Pudong airport also has high-speed MegLev train, which takes 8 mins to downtown Longyang road station (10-15 mins to our campus by taxi).

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